Meet our community of sponsored athletes…

Physical activity, nutrition, happiness and community all play a key part in helping others unlock their wellness within and lead happier and healthier lives. There are many contributing factors to your overall wellness, as well as different approaches, and various levels. And when powerful forces in the world of wellness align, the support extends even further beyond.

We have a community of sponsored athletes that share our values and work with us in helping to inspire others through resilience, women empowerment, self-improvement and creating a legacy of wellbeing. 

James Ellington


James Ellington

Sport: British sprinter (100m and 200m)

Career highlight: Representing Team GB at the London and Rio Olympics

Other passions: Providing coaching sessions to troubled kids in local area, DJing and overland camping

Interesting fact: Had a motorcycle accident in 2017 where he broke both legs and pelvis. Been on the road to recovery since

Favourite Lifeplus product: Solis Golden Milk

Shared sponsorship vision: Inspire others to focus on what you want through resilience

Christian Taylor


Christian Taylor

Sport: American Triple Jumper

Goal: Paris Olympics 2024

Career highlight: Becoming 2-Time Olympic champion and 4x World champion

Other passions: Mentors children through Classroom Champions and hosts an annual track and field event in the US

Interesting fact: Formed the Athletics Association in the US and helped set up women’s maternity rights in Athletics

Favourite Lifeplus product: Be Focused

Shared sponsorship vision: Create a legacy of wellbeing

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Sport: British women’s cycling team

Goal: Inspire millions more women to cycle and live healthier lives

Career highlight: Recently became the fastest growing team in the world having moved from 33rd in the world to 12th throughout the past 12 months

Other passions: Promoting women’s equality in sports

Interesting fact: The team is made up of international riders

Favourite Lifeplus product: Smart bars

Shared sponsorship vision: Encourage female empowerment

Iris Schmidbauer


Iris Schmidbauer

Sport: Professional cliff diver

Goal: Become the next world champion in cliff diving.

Career highlight: Becoming the first ever European champion in 2022

Other passions: Surfing and snowboarding

Interesting fact: Started cliff-dividing with no athletic background and more-or-less self-taught

Favourite Lifeplus product: Be Recharged

Shared sponsorship vision: Encourage female empowerment

Clemens Scherbel and Christopher von Stelzer


Clemens and Christopher

Sport: Hyrox competers

Career highlight: Becoming Hyrox World Champions for the first time in 2022

Other passions: Travel, spending time with kids and cats, all sports, mountain biking, skiing, etc.

Interesting fact: Both are vegetarian/vegan

Favourite Lifeplus product: Entire Be range – especially Be Sustained, Be range combined with X-Cell™+ and Joint Formula

Shared sponsorship vision: Encourage self-improvement

Georgina Blackman


Georgina Blackman

Sport: Professional golfer

Goal: To win on the Ladies European Tour

Career highlight: Winning the Sunningdale rose ladies series

Other passions: Travelling, seeing new places and eating new food

Interesting fact: Baking delicious treats

Favourite Lifeplus product: Smart Bar or Solis Guarana and Chocolate Orange bar

Shared sponsorship vision: Encourage female empowerment

Everyone has their own story. But one thing we have in common, regardless of the goal, is that we all have an inner power to unlock to help us get there.  Our Lifeplus community is filled with inspirational people and a few familiar faces share their personal experiences of unlocking their inner power. 

Unlock the wellness within you with Lifeplus.