Chocolate Orange Shake

Our Chocolate Orange Shake recipe is simple to make and packs a flavorful punch. The flavors of chocolate and orange intermingle in a pleasant and refreshing taste that satisfies, and the addition of Daily BioBasics and Triple Protein Shake Chocolate ensur




1 scoop (20 cc) Daily BioBasics Light 
1 scoop (60 cc) Triple Protein Shake: Chocolate 
240– 60 ml (8–12 oz) non-dairy milk 
1 orange 
3 – 6 ice cubes


Peel the orange 
Add all ingredients to blender 
Blend until smooth and enjoy! 

Hints & Tips

  • The chocolate protein can be used interchangeably with Be Refueled Chocolate. 
  • Solis Cacao Boost could easily be added to this recipe.